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What Can A Child Custody Lawyer Solve?

A child custody lawyer can be the mediator between a child's happiness or suffering. Naturally, everyone should want what is best for the child in a divorce. The lawyer will examine the issues that caused the child custody arrangements before any decisions come about. Another issue that can become a problem is when a child is born outside of wedlock. Knowing the laws is where a child custody lawyer becomes handy. They may also know the judge who will handle the case and have a better outlook on which way the judge will rule. The child custody arrangements go by a few scenarios. There is joint custody where both parents agree to take care of the child together according to their personal schedules. Then there is a domicile parent on who the child will live with, while the other gets visitation rights. Last is full custody in cases where the child remains with one parent.

A child support lawyer works in favor of the domicile parent or the one who has full custody of the child or children. Every state is different on how much child support is due. In the easier cases where parents share joint custody, and both work together to benefit the child's needs, they both support the child financially. A legal agreement comes into play when this happens to hold both parents responsible. Should something happen to one of the parents where they are not pulling their weight, a case can happen even after the divorce is final. In domicile or full custody cases, the parent who does not have custody of the child must pay child support. How much depends on how much money the parent collects in wages. The state sets the minimum standard, but if the parent who pays child support earns over a certain amount, then the child support is adjusted accordingly.

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