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What Does A Family Law Attorney Do?

A family law attorney specializes in handling cases dealing with family issues. When dealing with family, things can get pretty ugly due to all of the emotions involved. Most cases that go through a family law attorney deal with divorce, but they cover many legal issues dealing with family. Anyone can get a consultation on any legal matter dealing with family. To determine if we can handle a client's case, we have to discuss the angles of what is going on. In doing so, we also handle cases that deal with prenuptial agreements, adoptions, estates, and drawing up wills. A family law attorney deals with these cases as well, but with the divorce rate as high as it is, these are most of what passes through our law firm. When it comes to divorce cases, it helps if the couple has signed a prenuptial agreement before the marriage. It gives a better understanding of all parties as to what the outcomes will be.

A family custody lawyer works to help their client keep their child in a divorce. Along with the community property division, child custody is the most fought over cases. It is for the benefit of the child as to which parent is more suitable to raise them. When it comes to the parents, the child belongs to both of them. Joint custody is an issue with visitation rights, and child support is the most sought after. Every state is different, but the child support laws are stringent and written in stone. The questions will arise as to who is the domicile parent. Also, in some abusive cases, a parent can obtain full custody if it can be proven. Sometimes, agreements happen where agreements happen outside of court. These are the most comfortable cases and most peaceful to handle.

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