Attorney Francisco M. Zavala has been a CA licensed divorce and child custody attorney for over 25 years. Attorney Zavala graduated from UCLA School of Law, which is one of the top 15 law schools in the nation. Attorney Zavala also graduated from UCLA undergraduate with a major in Political Science. Attorney Zavala has handled over 1000 cases in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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Legally sufficient durable power of attorney A statutory form power of attorney legally sufficient is durable to the extent that the power of attorney contains language, such as “This power of attorn

A spouse may unilaterally encumber their community interest in real property to pay reasonable attorney’s fees in order to retain or maintain counsel in a proceeding for marital dissolution, legal sep

Court’s authority to liquidate assets At any time during the proceeding, the court has the authority, on application of a party and for good cause, to order the liquidation of community or quasi-commu