In a judgment of dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties, the court may order a party to pay for the support of the other party any amount, and for any period of time, that the court may deem just and reasonable, based on a consideration of all of the factors of Family Code § 4320, including but not limited to, standard of living established during the marriage.

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The marital standard of living is “a general description of the station in life the parties had achieved by the date of separation,” rather than a “mathematical standard.” (In re Marriage of Smith (19

Treatment of Property Acquired During Marriage [a] General Rule The most basic principle of the community property system is recognition that both spouses contribute to the marriage, even if those con

Debts Incurred Before Marriage [1] General Rule The separate property of a married person is liable for a debt incurred by the person before marriage. Fam. Code § 913(a). Except as otherwise expressly