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The court may prepare the order after hearing and serve copies on the parties or their attorneys. Alternatively, the court may order one of the parties or attorneys to prepare the proposed order as provided in these rules.

(b) Submission of proposed order after hearing to the court

Within 10 calendar days of the court hearing, the party ordered to prepare the proposed order must:

(1) Serve the proposed order to the other party for approval;

(c) Other party approves or rejects proposed order after hearing

(1) Within 20 calendar days from the court hearing, the other party must review the proposed order to determine if it accurately reflects the orders made by the court and take one of the following actions:

(A) Approve the proposed order by signing and serving it on the party or attorney who drafted the proposed order; or

(B) State any objections to the proposed order and prepare an alternate proposed order.

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