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Reports of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

There are many ways for a possibly abused or neglected child to come to the attention of the department of children and family services (protective services), for example:

·A neighbor might call the department and make an anonymous report. See Pen C §11166(g);

·A person mandated by law to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect might call the department. See Pen C §§11165.7, 11166 (mandated reporter);

·A person might call the department to request that a social worker investigate a particular child's circumstances and file a petition to make the child a dependent of the juvenile court. See Welf & I C §329;

·A law enforcement agency might make a report or refer a child to the department. See Pen C §11165.9;

·A judge in a marital dissolution case might refer a child to welfare services based on allegations and accusations made by the parents that raise concerns regarding the welfare of the child. See In re H.E. (2008) 169 CA4th 710, 712.

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