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Santa Clarita Divorce Attorney


The Attorney You Can Trust Since 1996

Experienced UCLA Licensed

Divorce Attorney

Santa Clarita Divorce Attorney You Can Trust since 1996. The F.M. Zavala Law. Firm Inc. has dedicated a law practice to council Los Angeles County clients through divorce. Trust your Family Law Legal Case to The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc. Divorce Attorney Zavala and Legal Staff strive to provide personal, compassionate, and attentive service to each one of our family law clients. We pride ourselves in being responsive and transparent in all aspects of your Family Law Case. 


 Attorney Francisco Zavala, U.C.L.A. J.D. is experienced, respected, and knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer. For more than 25 years, The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc. family law practice councils clients ending marriage, dissolving domestic partnerships, creating parenting plans for child custody and child visitation arrangement. Child Support, Spousal Support, Asset Division disputes during the divorce process can be challenging. Attorney Zavala and Staff support family law clients in protecting clients assets, community property, liquid assets ensuring a fair settlement in divorce judgment. Attorney Zavala is a skilled marriage settlement  negotiator. Family Law negotions can be compermised when proposed marital settlement agreement produced by opposing party spouse/partner are unreasonable or counter proposals are disagreeable in scope of child custody, child and spousal support, property divison, marital assets, community assets and debts. A family law Judge will determine outcomes in community and cusdody disputes. Attorney Zavala is a seasoned trial lawyer who is well versed in family law and possesses the experience and resources to deliver effective results in your case.

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence?

Do you need protection from abusive spouse or partner?

Domestic Violence in a family system is emotionally tramatic for adults and children living in fear of abuse. Victims of domestic violence deserve protection.

Attorney Francisco Zavala mentors clients when Emergency Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are prudent. 

False accusations of abuse is domestic abuse.  Divorce lawyer Francisco Zavala is commited to defending clients falsely accused of Domestic Violence.  Skilled, experienced trial lawyer Francisco Zavala and staff are fundamentally sourced with D.V. resources and specialized knowledge of Family Violence. The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc. Staff and Attorney will communicate with law enforment officers to gather all relevent reports and documents.The F.M. Zavala Law Firm Inc. is furnished with resources of Private Investigator (Retired L.A.P.D. Homicide Detective) who will thoroughly investigate domestic abuse allegations and has a recored of exposing discrepancies. Expert witness  provide expert testomony. Forensic Accounting Resources supporting or disproving financial records.


Divorce lawyer Francisco Zavala will guide your case through the legal system, successfully resolving issues related to the following:  


  • Division of Community Assets 

  •  Division of Community Property

  • Division of Community Busisness    

  •  Child Custody and Child Visitation 

  •  Child Support and Spousal Support

  •  Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Defense against Domestic abuse alligations. 


Divorce lawyer Francisco Zavala is committed to help resolve any divorce and child custody challenges you may be facing. Attorney Francisco Zavala and his staff understand that a divorce or child custody dispute can be emotionally draining and mentally stressful. The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc. will work relentlessly to resolve your divorce, community disputes, domestic abuse dispute, support dispute or child custody dispute ensuring fair and effective outcomes for you and your family. Divorce Attorney Francisco Zavala will work together with you to reach a goal, we strongly believe that client involvement and active participation in their own divorce is an important factor in achieving a favorable outcome in your Family Law and Divorce case.


Contact Family Law Attorney, Francisco M. Zavala, Esq. (661) 753-3534

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